Meet the Team: General Manager, Kyra Trystman

Le Grand Domaine Enoteca is ecstatic to welcome Kyra Trystman into our family. With nearly a decade of experience in the hospitality field, learning from the best in places like Madame Zingara’s Café Paradiso and being promoted to management at the age of nineteen, Kyra is bringing a repertoire of passion to our unique environment. Having experience in the kitchen and a love for cooking allows her to explore the creativity of cultivating a menu that pairs well with our selection of wines.

Her background offers an understanding in connecting with the wine makers to intimately appreciate the nuances of the wine, and she hopes to share that with the waitrons at the Enoteca. She is excited to elevate the speciality of the Enoteca experience so that we may further offer a diverse taste of Stellenbosch. Make sure to try our new pickings options on the menu with a glass of MCC, per Kyra’s recommendation.